Today I took my middle son, one of the twins who is Autistic, with me to run some errands early this morning. I did my usual commute to town which is about 30 minutes away. I went through the drive thru and grabbed an iced coffee, went to our pharmacy for medications & then IContinue reading “Silence.”

Boutique Styling

How about some Cupacake Ipsum?! Check it out at and create your own delicious Ipsum. Dessert candy tootsie roll jelly-o bear claw chocolate bar apple pie. Chocolate cake tootsie roll lollipop caramels fruitcake powder marzipan. I love cake chocolate cake danish cheesecake chocolate ice cream jujubes caramels. Jelly oat cake jujubes gummies macaroon. TiramisuContinue reading “Boutique Styling”