Your Smile.

There has been a few things in my life that has truly taken my breath away.

The day I kissed my husband and committed my life to him as his wife, that took my breath.

The night I found out I was going to be a mommy for the first time. The world stopped spinning and I stopped breathing.

My daughter had a febrile seizure on top of me when she was 16 months old and I held my breath while my husband gave her CPR on our kitchen floor.

The moment in the ultrasound room when the technician said, you’re having twins I lost my breath for a few seconds.

When my son Lucas was born, he wasn’t breathing. I held my breath until they said everything was okay.

Those are moments in my life that took my breath, good or bad.

But there are little glimmers of light that take my breath once in a while that most would take for granted.

You see, I have an autistic son and there isn’t many things that make him show emotion out of the blue.

Tickling and scripting movies to him makes him crinkle his nose and giggle.

My daughter chasing him in our living room makes his dimple shine and his belly ache in laughter.

Sometimes he comes into my world and for that split second notices me and grins, it takes my breath every time.

His smiles on his own are very few, far and between but when it happens it’s a light that only an angel can show. It’s so bright and contagious you can’t help but smile with him.

Those are my moments that have taken my breath in life. And now, I have received an angel to give me these breath taking moments every once in awhile and for that, God has blessed me with him.

How lucky am I that God blessed me with a child that He knew I needed? I choose to see these moments as joy and a blessing.

Jameson, my sweet boy, your smile is breath taking for me.

Published by kasmith0827

I’m a stay at home mom to 3 children. A 4 year old girl and twin boys who are 3. Both of the twins are disabled. One has Cerebral Palsy, a feeding tube, speech apraxia and airway disorders. The other twin has severe nonverbal autism.

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