God Will.

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “God will only give you what you can handle”.

I have always heard it over the years and the typical stress of everyday life, people would say it to me.

I’m sure you have also heard the phrase, “God gives special kids to special parents”. That one is thrown around almost as much as, “Man, you’ve got your hands full.”

You see, I have a beautiful relationship with Jesus.

He knows my heart and I try to follow Him in an uncommon way.

So, when people say these phrases to a parent of a special needs child, we know they are coming from a good place. We hear it so much it goes in one ear and straight out the other.

But we still thank each person and carry on about our business.

As a follower of God and a special needs mother, I take the time to explain to people that I appreciate their support and love behind the phrase but God doesn’t think I’m more special than you to give me a more special child than yours.

We were dealt a hand from Gods deck of cards in which he had laid out perfectly and beautifully for each of us. It doesn’t mean it’s because I can handle it more than you. It’s because it’s my journey and what I needed in my life.

Special needs parents all around want to thank you for trying to comfort us in times of our struggles and pain with these phrases.

We also want you to know we don’t believe in them for a second.

Next time try this phrase to comfort us, “God will give you exactly what you need”.

He knew I needed my boys more than they needed me.

They changed me and brought me into my strong faith and for that I am truly blessed.

God gave me what I needed, not what He thought I could handle.

Published by kasmith0827

I’m a stay at home mom to 3 children. A 4 year old girl and twin boys who are 3. Both of the twins are disabled. One has Cerebral Palsy, a feeding tube, speech apraxia and airway disorders. The other twin has severe nonverbal autism.

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